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Microsoft HoloLens

The HoloLens was originally announced on 21 January 2015.

But it was the systems appearance at the E3 expo in America that demonstrated its abilities, including those for playing minecraft in an innovative way.

Although similar in appearance to Virtual Reality goggles the system works in a completely different way, by projecting virtual components (holograms) into a view of the real world, this is called Augmented reality.

It is believed that the HoloLens will cost between £300-£600. It is not likely that it will be available before 2016.

This system has great potential for a number of areas within Archaeology and Cultural Heritage including virtual museums, where 3D recreations of artifacts are visible to the viewer next to fragments. Or for site tours/or visits to sites of historical interest where a 3D recreation model of the site is visible on top of the excavated remains.

Those who have used it have suggested that it has a limited field of view for the Immersive elements. And it is quite expensive.


News – Sulon Cortex

The Cortex is a combined virtual and augmented reality headset allowing immersive virtual experiences to be conducted in real-world environments. The unit has 3D sensors and scanners which detect and integrate the real world into the virtual environment, with the surroundings of the virtual environment being controlled with motion and gesture controls.

The Developer Kit is currently available for pre-order for $499.

The system has great potential for viewing a reconstruction of a site while walking around the site, or viewing the site in a mockup with the same wall positions. It could revolutionize the way tours of buildings are conducted with the audience wearing a headset which displays the reconstruction of the building as they walk around it.

It also has potential for a virtual museum, with artifacts being virtually projected into an existing environment, even the user’s home.