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News – Samsung Project Beyond

Described as the world’s first true 3D 360° camera, Samsung’s Project Beyond is designed to stream video to the Gear VR (Virtual Reality) Headset. It is capable of capturing and streaming omniview videos using 17 HD camera to record a live 360 degree view using stereo pair cameras which capture independent left and right eye views with an additional camera on top. ‘Project Beyond uses patent-pending stereoscopic interleaved capture and 3D-aware stitching technology to capture the scene just like the human eye’. It records a gigabit of data every second

As well as streaming live views the system can record them for later viewing.

The product is currently under development.


It has great potential for quickly making a immersive visual record of a trench which can be viewed later, or to show what is in the trench to someone remotely using the Gear VR Headset.

The system is limited to one static position so only the view from that one position can be viewed.


Kodak PixPro SP360 Action Cam

The Kodak PixPro SP360 is an action camera aimed at the extreme sports recording market.

It is able to record 360º 10MP photographs and Full HD 1080p Video using its curved lens. Using the Pixpro Remote Viewer App it connects to other devices with iOS, Android or Windows operating systems using Wi-fi and NFC (Near Field Communication) allowing both control of the camera and viewing of the images/videos. The images/vidoes can be viewed in a number of different modes – ring, dome, front 180º and rear 180º, 360º panorama and globe. The system also has motion detector sensor which starts recording when motion is detected.

Much like the GoPro camera the system comes with a number of accessories for attaching it to different devices as well as a waterproof case which aare available in the different bundles.

The PixPro SP360 costs $349 for the Explorer bundle for entry-level and the Aqua bundle for watersports and $399 for the Extreme Accessories bundle.

The camera is able to record much more than a standard camera without the requirement for multiple cameras and the images/videos created can be viewed/exported in a number of different modes. It is water resistant, can be attached to a UAV or a person allowing a wide range of recording possibilities.

Although the system can record a 360º view images/videos with the camera pointing upwards it is only able to record a 214º images/videos while pointing towards a subject. The distortion of a domed lens may also impact on the quality of the results.