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Samsung Gear VR

The Samsung Gear VR is a Virtual Reality headset designed to work with Galaxy Note 4 smartphone using Oculus Rift technology.

The headset uses an accelorator, gyrometer, magnetic and proximity sensors to enable interaction with a virtual environment by moving the headset using the same technology as the Oculus Rift.

On the side of the headset are a number of controls including a touch pad, back button, and a volume rocker. Focal adjustment can be also be undertaken on the system.

VR Content can be viewed through an Oculus Home App.

The systems has a 96º degree viewing angle.

The Innovator Edition is available in two editions; one which just consists of the Gear VR costs £185 with a second containing a Bluetooth gamepad for controlling content within the VR environment costs £240.

Like other VR systems it could be used to remotely view immersive photos/videos of excavations/cultural heritage.

Unlike the Oculus Rift the system is wireless.

The Gear VR is designed to only work with the Galaxy Note 4, if the user already owns one then it is only an additional of £185, but the phone itself costs £600 making it an expensive purchase for use with the Gear VR. Although technically it has greater potential than Google Cardboard the fact that it only works with one phone severely limits its user-ability.

The system cannot be connected to a PC so all material has to be downloaded via the phone.


News – Samsung Project Beyond

Described as the world’s first true 3D 360° camera, Samsung’s Project Beyond is designed to stream video to the Gear VR (Virtual Reality) Headset. It is capable of capturing and streaming omniview videos using 17 HD camera to record a live 360 degree view using stereo pair cameras which capture independent left and right eye views with an additional camera on top. ‘Project Beyond uses patent-pending stereoscopic interleaved capture and 3D-aware stitching technology to capture the scene just like the human eye’. It records a gigabit of data every second

As well as streaming live views the system can record them for later viewing.

The product is currently under development.


It has great potential for quickly making a immersive visual record of a trench which can be viewed later, or to show what is in the trench to someone remotely using the Gear VR Headset.

The system is limited to one static position so only the view from that one position can be viewed.